XJ music documentation

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Dynamic music engine

XJ music enables composers to realize new possibilities in dynamic music for video games.

The overall XJ music system is implemented by the XJ music workstation, a DAW dedicated to preparing dynamic video game music and the XJ music engine to integrate the product within your game audio system.

Download and install the XJ music workstation on your computer to start creating dynamic music for video games. The latest version of the XJ music workstation can be downloaded from xjmusic.com/download.

XJ music workstation XJ music workstation

Patented technology

The underlying technology is protected by U.S. Patent 10,446,126.

You may use the XJ music engine completely free for projects with a budget under $250K. For larger projects, contact licensing@xjmusic.com for a license.

Open-source Codebase

The entire codebase is open source and available on GitHub

The best way to get in touch with the core engine developers is to join the XJ music Discord.

To get started contributing to the project, see the contributing guide. This document also includes guidelines for reporting bugs.