Mac Installation (Silicon)

  • Download the XJ music workstation Mac OS (Silicon) installer ZIP file to your chosen directory.

  • Extract the contents of the ZIP file with your extraction tool of choice.

  • Double-click the DMG file to mount the installer disk image as a volume.

  • Open the XJ music workstation installer volume that appears on your desktop (unfortunately, it is not named “installer” nor does it have an installer icon appearance)

  • Inside the installer volume, drag the XJ music workstation application into your Applications folder.

  • After installation, the XJ music workstation will appear in the Applications folder as well as in the Spotlight Search results.

  • The first time you try to start a new installation of the XJ music workstation, Mac OS will refuse to open the application because this app is not signed. Choose the “View in Finder” option.

  • In Finder, inside the Applications folder, right-click (option-click) on the XJ music workstation application and choose Open- this will override security and run the application.

  • Repeat the previous step. For some reason, Mac OS forces this.