Fabrication Settngs

The fabrication settings can be opened from the top menu or the hamburger icon in the Fabrication tab.

Fabrication Dropdown Fabrication Dropdown

The Fabrication Menu is the command center of the XJ music workstation, offering precise control over your compositions. The table below will walk you through each feature, ensuring you make the most of the creative possibilities at your fingertips.

Fabrication Menu SettingsDescription
Input Template IDInput the specific template ID to instruct the workstation on which template to play.
Output ModePlayback Mode plays the selected Template back in real-time. File Mode generates a recording of the Template faster than real time, but without playback.
Output File ModeControls how outputs in File Mode are divided. Continuous outputs one file, while Segment, Macro, and Main output files are based on the lengths of each of the three options.
Output File SecondsSets the length of a file generated using the Continuous file mode.
Output File Path PrefixThe location where files will be saved.
Output Frame RateThe frame rate at which sounds associated with the Template will be used or converted to before playback or output.
Output ChannelsThe number of channels utilized in playback and output.
Craft Ahead SecondsThe amount of time XJ will Craft ahead in seconds.
Dub Ahead SecondsThe amount of time XJ will Dub ahead in seconds.
Ship Ahead SecondsThe amount of time XJ will Ship ahead in seconds.
Content Storage Path PrefixSets the location where sound files associated with the chosen Template will be saved and preloaded from.
Timeline Segment View LimitLimits segments available to view in the timeline to this value.